10 Hard Landscape Garden Design Ideas

It is always such a treat to have original photographs of a historical home. This picture on display is a reminder of the pride the original owners had for their home.

Bathrooms can be a challenge in older homes. We want all of the modern conveniences but also insist on historical integrity. New claw-foot tubs and beadboard are a perfect mix of the two periods, bringing both comfort and style to a new old space.

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This back kitchen addition, facing, has been added by the new owners. The original outdoor wall is now indoors. Shelves have been built where a window used to be.

The homeowners absolutely love antique and historic things, especially quilts. Their extensive collection throughout the home adds colorful impact to the rooms. Decorating with whimsical and timeless pieces makes for a layered and classic look.

It is absolutely rare for a historical home today to still belong to the original family. The Smoot house is an incredible example of a legacy of dedication and love for their home, which they have meticulously maintained throughout many decades.

When we met the Smoot family, we were in awe of their appreciation for their home. They have lived here all of their lives and plan to pass the home to their children as well. The walls showcase portraits of their ancestors, the original owners, and they have been careful to honor their memory while still making the home their own.

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