10 Garden Decking Designs Ideas

Our kids are used to hearing the words “from the 1800s,” so they weren’t surprised when we covered their ceiling in an 1830s star map.

We have a lot of kids (seven, to be exact) and we knew we needed a bunk room for at least four of them. It is perfectly nestled in a steeply pitched attic space that had been left unfinished since 1890. We had Rebel Walls print this amazing mural for the ceiling to get the biggest impact possible while keeping it simultaneously youthful and full of history. We’ve stayed up late making up stories about different constellations and letting our imaginations run wild.

Although this part of the attic was never finished, we were very lucky to have the original trim around the windows. Most renovators tear it off, drywall behind and put it back on but not us. We leave it in place and drywall around it. It just never seems to go back on in quite the same way. It’s a little more work this way but worth the effort.

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Reimagined characterWe love the play between modern and historic with this Hygge & West wallpaper and original trim in the bathroom. We turned the former back porch, center, into a master bath complete with exposed brick and beadboard ceilings. Our vestibule, far right, features new Sandberg wallpaper and a beautiful new stained glass piece that we had crafted by Russ Peacock of Lehi, Utah.

Thank you for taking this journey with us. We love what we do and have a true passion for restoring and preserving historic homes and buildings for the next generation, for our children to love and appreciate. We hope that everyone can enjoy the beauty and heritage that old homes possess, and that together we can make a difference in historic preservation.

We absolutely could not have completed this work without our “village ” ofpeople. We feel so grateful to be surrounded by those who believe in our vision and share the same love for these historical homes and what they mean to all of us.

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