10 Craftsman Home Decorating Ideas

Things can get worse before they get better. Instead of looking at the cracked plaster and dirty walls, we see what’s underneath and what it can become.

There was fire damage in the bathroom. We always replace electrical in old homes; nothing can burn down a house faster than bad electrical. During construction, we go to great lengths to save and protect anything that was original to the house, such as this built-in cabinet with original glass.

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Since the cabin was so close to Love House, the boys would often wander down there to swing on the rope swing and explore a world that seemed back in time. One day I noticed that our son James had carved his name on the cabin wall. At first I was a little upset, but then my eyes filled with happy tears knowing that we were adding our own history to this special place. One day soon it will be a single-family home.

When a historic home gets to remain true to its original design, the most wonderful thing happens it takes on a character of timelessness despite very much being part of a specific time. This midcentury home is almost completely original, right down to the light switches. It’s a wonderful example of the modern period in design and style.

We don’t get to restore a lot of midcentury homes because in our area they are a bit of a rarity. When we do, we welcome the challenge that this time period brings as well as the satisfaction of maintaining the beauty that the architect intended.

Joe Jackson bought this house with a bit of good luck and perseverance. Not many people can find homes like this that remain vastly untouched. It sits on top of a beautiful hill overlooking a lake and Joe is the perfect steward for such a great home. He appreciates its quirks and charms, loves its simple lines and large windows and even restores authentic period pieces to furnish it.

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