10 Cool Bedroom Design Ideas

Describe how hardwoods differ from softwoods in leaves, weight or strength, absorption of stains, and grain pattern. Describe the difference between rotary cutting wood for veneer and plain sawn lumber.

Analyze the properties of cottonwood and describe why it is not used for flooring, cabinetry, or furniture.

Evaluate the environmental impact of specifying cork flooring for a project as opposed to oak flooring.

Adhesive is a substance capable of holding materials together by surface attachment.

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Beam is a horizontal structural member supporting a load applied transversely to it.

Bioenergy is energy derived from biological fuel, such as farm animal or grain waste.

Biophilia is a term created by German psychologist Erich Fromm that relates to the instinctive bond that exists between humans and other living systems.

Boxed beam is wood built into a box shape running across the ceiling; it is not supporting beams.

Burl is a woody outgrowth on a tree, rounded in form, showing in lumber as a severe distortion of grain, usually resulting from overgrowth of dead branch stubs.

Cambium is the layer of active cell growth in a tree just below the outer bark.

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