10 Best Wall Panelling Ideas

10 Best Wall Panelling Ideas

HAMMER plug is hammered in place,

HAMMER PLUG HOLES need to be countersunk

Wall Panelling

I Draw out the design on the wall, dividing it into equal panels -check for accuracy with a spirit level. Plan to attach the top and bottom horizontals of the frame first, making sure that the screw fixings are centred above each proposed vertical frame section. Hide the screw fixings with dowel, as described in step 2 below.

Measure the depth of your screw recesses and cut lengths of dowel to 1 cm C/2 in) longer, so they protrude from the holes like traditional pegs.

For a decorative finish, use a plane to chamfer the lower edge of the top horizontal and the top edge of the lower horizontal, then glue and pin fiat beading to each horizontal.

Measure the length of each vertical frame section separately -they are bound to differ marginally in an old house – and cut to make a firm fit. Mark out the vertical fixing points on each, making sure they are at the same point on each section. The verticals are chamfered and fixed in the same way as the horizontals, except that you should cut and shave the dowel plugs flush with the surface.

Then nail through the verticals into the horizontals at 45° – the nail heads will be disguised by the decorative beading that is added later.

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