10 Best Valentine Home Decorating Ideas

Proper Planning is Critical

Proper planning is important when designing the kitchen because kitchen furnishings are installed permanendy and it is expensive to move the appliances. Before buying furnishings and designing, you have to make sure that you have a good plan in order to avoid the most common mistakes committed by most homeowners and designers.

Dos and Don’ts

• Do keep the kitchen spacious and bright. It also has to be airy. The kitchen should be as lively and alert as much as possible.

• White is generally a good color for the kitchen because it is associated with the metal element. You can also use pastel colors if you wish.

• The placement of the kitchen sink should always be in the east; while the refrigerator should not be facing the kitchen door (if there is one).

• It is important that you have a clear view of the entrance to the kitchen as you work. So, if your range/stove is facing a wall, hang a mirror that will reflect the entrance. You can also put a shiny water kettle on top of the stove as it can also reflect the entrance.

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• You should make sure that the stove is always clean and functioning well. Never keep broken appliances, have them fixed or replace them whenever possible.

• Despite being a common practice in most homes, Feng Shui Home Design experts do not recommend using a microwave in the kitchen because they believe that it disturbs the positive chi of the area. If you cannot avoid getting a microwave oven, do not install it directiy above the stove.

• Water should not stay too long on the stove because it can cause depression. Make sure that the kettle is empty when you are not using it.

• Avoid keeping bulky items in your overhead drawers. It can leave you overwhelmed in all aspects of your life. If you have an overhead rack where you have to hang pots and pans, position the rack where you won’t be sitting or working below it.

• Experts recommend hanging wind chimes near the kitchen’s doorway because it can attract positive energy.

• Make sure that the kitchen is always spic-n-span. Avoid cluttered pantry and cupboard. The countertops shouldn’t have unnecessary items as well.

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