10 Best Romantic Dinner At Home Decorating Ideas

Avoid placing the plants in the east, southeast, and south.

• Put glitter lamps if your bathroom is facing the east or southeast areas. The glitter lamps suppress the negative wood energy which if your bathrooms are either the east or southeast.

• Use water in an Urn. If your bathroom is in the west or the north, counter the negative metal energy, place an urn with water in the living room Water can weaken the bad chi if you are still living the dream

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• A full length mirror in the bathroom helps enhance the room’s positive chi.

• When choosing rugs for the bathroom remember the following:

• If the bathroom is in the north, purchase rugs that are rectangular, with green color.

• For a room in the south, use square-shaped rugs.

• If your bathroom is at the east or southeast area, use triangular-shaped rugs in red.

• If it is at the west or northwest area, use blue-colored rugs with wavy shapes.

• For southwest or northeast bathrooms, the circular-shaped rugs are ideal in silver or gray.

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