10 Best Modern Home Decor Ideas

Where to Position the Bed

The bed should be the focal point of the room If the layout of the bedroom is preventing you from incorporating Feng Shui Home Design principles, you can follow a few corrective remedies, of which, the position of the bed is the most critical.

• Ideally, the bed should be placed diagonally across the bedroom door. It allows you to enjoy your privacy. It also gives you a good look of whoever is about to enter your room

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• Do not position the bed across the bedroom door. Your feet will point towards the bedroom and this is not good Feng Shui Home Design. Practitioners agree that if you sleep in this position, you are likely to get sick often.

• The bed should not be placed in front or under a window because chi passes through the window. Positioning the bed directiy underneath a window will disrupt the flow of energy, thus, giving you restless sleep.

• The mattress should not be placed directiy on the bedroom floor because it will block the free flowing chi.

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