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Feng Shui Home Design Cures if the Bathroom is facing the Front Door

There are bathroom locations that do not create good Feng Shui Home Design energy, like a bathroom above a bedroom or the bathroom door facing the kitchen. However, there is one location – bathroom door directiy facing the front door – that creates a huge impact on the entire home’s energy flow as the universal energy enters the house through your front door.

If the layout of your house is like this, positive energy may easily get “flushed” in the bathroom There are ways to improve the energy flow despite having this layout:

• The bathroom door should always be closed. Generally speaking, no matter where the bathroom is located, its door should always remain closed because good energy can flow right out into the bathroom

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• Ensure good Feng Shui Home Design in the bathroom. Not just in the bathroom, but you have to ensure that there is good Feng Shui Home Design all throughout the house.

• Ensure good Feng Shui Home Design at the main entryway. If stronger and more nourishing energy comes into the house through the main entryway, you don’t have to worry about losing energy despite having a bathroom that faces the front door. You have to make sure that the main entry way is free from clutter that can block good chi. (Read more about it in the last chapter.)

• Create a strong focal point. The strong focal point near the main entry way will divert the direction of the positive energy away from the bathroom door. Instead, good energy will be directed to other parts of the house that need nourishing the most. If there is a wall between the bathroom and another area of the house, paint it with a beautiful color and add an art of lush plants to further strengthen the good energy.

• Strengthen the Bagua areas of the bathroom and the main entryway. There are challenging areas in the house aside from the bathroom; these are the laundry room, basement, and garage.

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