10 Best Kitchen Design Layout Ideas

Each home design begins with a list of specific learning objectives for the home design.

Part I: Awareness: An Overview

Although interior designers are not responsible for the form of the building itself, or for the design of the building envelope or interior load-bearing components, it is essential for interior designers to understand how buildings are designed and constructed. In addition to having an awareness of building construction systems, readers will learn about the roles different materials play in constructing a building as well as the role that those same materials can play on an interior. Readers are therefore introduced to the material with an overview, including a description of the material and its common uses, both in building construction and as an i nterior finish. Included in the overview of the material is a discussion of the properties, or characteristics, of each material and the environmental impact of the material. Each home design includes a feature box listing the properties of the material, emphasizing the material’s sustainable properties. An example of the material used in an interior is also included.

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Part I will enable readers to identify common uses of the material in an interior and introduce them to the environmental impact of the material.

Part II: Understanding: In-Depth Information

For the readers to have an understanding, or more thorough comprehension of the material, the text provides a review of the historical development of the material followed by a description of how the material is produced, from raw materials to various methods of producing the final product. This portion of each home design includes detailed information on each variation of the material as well as methods used to change or improve the properties of the material. Alternate uses and composite forms of the material are discussed as well as options for applying a finish to the material.

Part II will enable readers to explain the history of the use of a material in an interior and to describe how the material is produced.

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