10 Best Inexpensive Home Decor Ideas

Love or Wealth Corner

According to Feng Shui Home Design practitioners, when you enhance the wealth or love luck energies in the bathroom, you will create financial issues and relationship conflicts. If you have identified a love corner in your bathroom and use crystals to lessen the impact, you might attract the wrong person – all because it is in the toilet.

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You can counter the effects of bad energy from the earth in the bathroom by adding wind chimes and metal furnishings. It is important to suppress the bad energy from wood if your bathroom is located at the southeast area of the house. Aromatherapy candles, glitter lamps, and bright lights are ideal for us in the bathroom because they can keep bad chi under control.

How to Counter the Effects of Bad Chi

• Hang a metal wind chime at the Southwest and Northeast areas of the bathroom The sound of metal and the chimes help block bad earth energy. When looking for a wind chime, look for those that don’t have Chinese symbols. The main purpose is to suppress negative chi instead of energizing the bathroom area. Avoid placing crystals and wind chimes on the north, northwest, and west.

• Display crystals on the southern area of the bathroom You can hang crystals by the bathroom window. The dance of lights from the crystal helps block off negative chi. Cleansing crystals that can be used, too. Experts also recommend the use of crystal geode, which is a piece of rock that is hollow at the center. Crystals are aesthetically beautiful. Avoid putting crystals in the bathroom that faces west, northwest, northeast, and west.

• Green plants help liven up the area. Plants also help you rejuvenate after a hard days’ work.

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