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Wind generators are rated according to their output at a particular wind speed. The wattage advertised is not a static output, and manufacturers do not all use the same wind speed for their ratings. This makes direct comparisons difficult.

More important than any advertised rating is the power curve for the unit, which shows how much power is produced at any given wind speed. Choose a unit that has the best possible output at the average wind speed at the installation site.

A turbine uses the flow and pressure of falling water to turn a generator to produce electrical current. A waterway must have a suitable amount of head (elevation between inlet and outlet points) and flow (quantity of water) to make a useful amount of power. A penstock diverts some water from the high point in the system and directs it to the turbine. The pressurized water is passed through the turbine causing it to spin and turn the generator to produce current. The water leaves the turbine and rejoins the flow of the river or creek.

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There are numerous styles of turbine, each one suited to particular head and flow characteristics. Valves are installed to shut off flow for servicing.

Output Decorating Gallerys are based on available head and flow and the efficiencies of the piping and turbine. Very low head, low flow systems can generate as little as 20 watts, while the upper limit of micro hydro is generally accepted to be 100 kilowatts. Larger output systems are considered to be full-scale hydro electric projects.

A water turbine system produces power constantly, unlike solar and wind systems. Even relatively low output can add up to a significant amount of power.

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