10 Best Ideas For Interior Garden

10 Best Ideas For Interior Garden

Decorative garlands

For a country Christmas you can twist and wire simple wreaths made from supple stems from different climbing plants or wicker (or buy them ready-made), and cover them painfully with holly and ivy, yew branchlets, rose hips and whatever garden berries you can lay hands on. Big satin or tartan bows make the whole thing properly festive.

Alternatively you can make a swag to deck overmantel, doorway or bannister out of a length of rope or coarse plaited string or ribbon. Attach pine branches and cones (pushing their cut stems between the strands of the plait), punctuated by red satin bows, for a Christmas decoration.

This circular tray is an old restored tin tole tray; on the right is a painted papier mache tray. Designs like these that include flowers, fruit and leaves are typical examples of American folk decoration. Both designs could be copied on to tin trays of less grandiose pedigree. Here, one is stencilled, the other is freehand; both derive brilliance from black backgrounds.

Floral Inspirations

Decorated doorway Here is the quintessential autumn entrance -the door is unusual and old, roughly painted in the sort of green that comes from mixing black and yellow. It sports an American grapevine wreath from

Georgia. Contrasting with the white surround, spectacular but shortlived sprays of sunlit foliage hang from the carriage lamps, and scarlet maple leaves speckle the decking in front of the door.

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