10 Best Home Salon Decorating Ideas

If Embodied carbon: Vinyl products have very high embodied energy and carbon Decorating Gallerys.

Indoor environment quality: Vinyl off-gasses throughout its lifetime (particularly when exposed to UV) and contributes to poor indoor air quality. Adhesives may also be toxic.

There are many surfaces in a building that require a finish to protect the underlying material and/or add an aesthetic dimension. Even a small home may require thousands of square feet of surface treatments. It is rare that one type or one color of finish is chosen for the whole home; there are usually multiple finishing decisions that have to be made.

In many cases, the surface finish is a key element in the durability of the material it is protecting. The finish takes the brunt of exposure to the elements, wear and tear, and cleaning.

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We ask a lot of our finishes, and modern science has been successful in creating finishing products that offer excellent durability, color choice and fastness, ease of application, and adhesion. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of such qualities, these products have become proprietary “chemical soups.” Even the greenest petrochemical finishes rely on extraction and manufacture of chemical components that have a wide variety of health and environmental impacts throughout the entire chain of production, application, use, and disposal.

The majority of the finishes described in this home design fit under the heading of “natural finishes.” They use naturally occurring ingredients that are free of petrochemical products. They are viable on a wide range of surfaces and materials, and offer low impacts and low or no toxins from raw material acquisition through to final application. In some cases, the final product may not offer quite the same degree of durability, color choice, ease of application, or adhesion as their petrochemical counterparts a small tradeoff for vastly reduced health and environmental impacts. In many cases, the natural finishes offer a beauty and richness that cannot be matched by petrochemical finishes.

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