10 Best Home Office Craft Room Design Ideas

Ecosystem impacts: Impacts vary widely based on binder type and source. Check regional practices for aggregate quarries, as impacts can vary widely. vnf Embodied carbon: Clay-based plaster has negligible footprint. Lime plasters can have a significant footprint depending on harvesting and manufacturing processes. Resilience: Plaster finishes are susceptible to freeze-thaw damage in wet areas, cracking due to expansion/contraction, and chipping/breaking from impact. However, they are also relatively easy to repair and maintain without complete replacement (see “Resilience Principles” sidebar, in Decoration 3). Material costs: Low.

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Mineral boards come in sheet form in a variety of thicknesses (inch are common) and standard dimensions of 48 and 54 inches by 96, 120, or 144 inches to suit common wall framing dimensions.

Interior sheets are fastened to wall and/or ceiling framing with specialty screws. Interior joints are bridged with a paper or mesh tape and joint compound that is applied in several coats and sanded to create a seamless finish. Interior mineral board is commonly painted, but can also be a substrate for finish plasters and tile.

Bricks Cast from a mixture of clay, sand, and small amounts of admixture and fired in a kiln. After firing, the clay brick is chemically altered and will not react with water.

Stone Stone of a suitable composition is harvested and either used in an unmodified form or cut/shaped to a desired dimension and profile.

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