10 Best Home Christmas Decorating Ideas

Additional Furnishings

If you are going to add a few pieces of furniture in the bedroom, you need to take a couple of things into consideration. Remember that the bedroom should the area where yin is strongest. Remember the following when you consider adding more furnishings in the bedroom:

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• Avoid arranging furniture pieces that will block the natural flow of positive energy.

• Avoid positioning furniture pieces that will result in the creation of poison arrows that will directiy point to your bed. For instance, when one corner of your dresser points at your bed, you are creating poison arrows.

• Do not put too many furniture pieces. Keep the furnishings to a minimum as much as possible. Additional tip: In case your bedroom’s layout does not give you much in terms of design choices, you can deflect the impact of poison arrows by suspending a multi-faceted crystal ball from your bedroom ceiling. This will break the poison arrows. If you cannot get rid of the dresser, use a table runner to soften its sharp corners. Add two separate lights on the opposite sides of the bed. However, you have to choose a nightstand that is higher than your mattress because it can create poison arrows pointed towards the bed. You can also add chairs or display racks, only if you have a large area to work with.

Adding Mirrors

When you want to put mirrors in the bedroom, you should take note of a couple of important things. Do not hang it directiy across or above the bed/headboard. The idea is not to create a reflection of the bed in the mirror. This will not be good for your relationship because it can result in infidelity.

If you need to place a mirror, just make sure that it is not directiy in the line of sight the bedroom door. If the area or layout of the bedroom doesn’t allow you to change positions, just make sure that the bed is not reflected onto the mirror.

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