10 Best Funeral Home Design Ideas

Bessemer converter is a pear-shaped vessel invented by the American Henry Bessemer that enabled the refining of steel at a lower melting point while keeping carbon content low.

Blooming is a process of separating iron from slag by repeated heating and hot hammering.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc with a yellow-gold glow. The low melting point means brass objects are often cast.

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Brazing is a method of using heat to join brass or bronze.

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. Its pinkish brown cast weathers to a deeper brown patina. Because brass is strong and weather resistant, it is often used for outdoor sculpture.

Builders’ hardware includes all hardware used for doors and windows such as hinges, locksets, knobs and handles, push plates, panic bars, and doorstops.

Copper is found in nature in a free metallic state. Because it is easy to mine, it was the metal used in the Copper Age. Copper is known for its tendency to weather to a desirable green color referred to as Verdigris.

Cold drawing is a method of making wire or tubing by drawing metal through a series of dies as the cross-section gets progressively thinner.

Corrosion is the rusting that occurs on some metals when they are exposed to atmospheric conditions.

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