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What to do if the Bathroom is at the Center of the House

When this is the layout of the house, it is considered to create bad Feng Shui Home Design. The center of the house is also its heart; hence it has to have a sense of beauty and certain lightness to it. According to Feng Shui Home Design experts, the center of the house is also where energy is received. If the bathroom is at the center, it is not an ideal location.

Below are simple steps to take to ensure that good energy:

• Like any other area of the house, make sure that the bathroom is always clean and free from clutter.

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• Turn the bathroom into a center for beauty and relaxation by adding scented candles, essential oil diffusers, or fresh flowers.

• You can also purify the air in the bathroom by adding air purifying plants.

• Consider the lighting fixture in the bathroom For a bathroom that has no window where natural light can pass through during the day, create a two-level or more light, or use a dimmer switch so that you get varying light quality.

• Bring in Feng Shui Home Design cures that represent fire or earth elements, in the form of decor items. The earth element is particularly important because it can absorb excessive water energy.

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