10 Best Diy Home Decor Project Ideas

Bedroom Walls

The colors of the bedroom walls should be restful and calming. Soft colors, like peach or cream is a good choice. Soft yellow could also work. You can hang art pieces, but make sure the images are not distracting. Use nature images or happy subjects.

Bedroom Location

The bedroom should not be anywhere near doors that lead outdoor. Do not build sloping roofs for your bedroom If you are transferring to a house with sloping roof, balance its impact by using a canopy bed. It will provide protection from negative elements from ceiling elements.

Important Feng Shui Home Design Tips for the Bedroom

• If you don’t have a spare room for a home office and you need to set up a workstation in your bedroom, choose a cabinet style table with enclosures.

• If you have a dresser or armoire with a mirror and you don’t have a choice but to put it directiy across the bed, make sure you cover the mirror before coming to bed.

• Use a solid headboard because it will serve as your shield from the outside world. It will help you have a restful sleep each time.

10 Best Diy Home Decor Project Ideas Photo Gallery

• Activate the wealth area in the bedroom (this is the southeast sector) by putting 3 metal Chinese coins tied together using a red string.

• Enhance your relationship with your spouse by placing a pair of rose quartz mandarin ducks on the nightstand.

• Keep your clothes organized inside the closets.

• Avoid storing items underneath the bed or cabinets.

• Avoid using the bedroom as storage for rarely used items.

• Avoid putting paintings or fixtures associated with the water element, such as fountains, oceans, and waterfalls inside the bedroom. This will create an imbalance in yin-yang and prevent you from having a restful sleep.

• Avoid placing plants in the bedroom because these can attract excessive chi.

• Install subdued lighting fixtures.

• Do not place the bed directiy underneath exposed beams, this result in disruptive sleeping patterns. If you don’t have a choice but, minimize the impact by adding a pair of flutes with red ribbons. The open end should be placed facing towards with the open end facing the overhead beam

• Avoid getting open bookshelves.

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