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If You Have a Bathroom above a Bedroom

This is not the best layout in terms of Feng Shui Home Design principles. The best recommendation is not to use the bathroom on a regular basis, instead use it as a guest bathroom or only when needed. If the bathroom is direcdy over the area where the bed is located, change the location of the bed. The general rule, in terms of color and design of the bathroom upstairs is to use light colored images and/or images and accessories to keep the “feeling” light.

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As for the bedroom below, you can have the ceiling painted with art works or adding medallions around the light fixtures on the ceiling. This will create a barrier between the two areas.

When the Bathroom Door is facing the Kitchen

According to experts, it is bad Feng Shui Home Design when the bathroom door and the kitchen door are facing each other. When the doors face each other, the energy flow will be quick around the house.

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