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Waste: Offcuts from asphalt shingles go to landfill and are not biodegradable. Lifespan for this type of roofing is relatively short, and will need replacing far more frequently than other roofing types. Used shingles are commonly sent to landfill and represent a large proportion of landfill volume.

Resilience: Asphalt shingles are relatively easy to damage. Leachate from the asphalt prevents many uses for rainwater collected from the roof.

Though at odds with the majority in the construction industry, the author believes that the use of asphalt roofing is antithetical to key basic criteria of sustainable building, and strongly encourages you to consider other options.

Flooring plays a defining visual and visceral role in a building, as we see it and touch it constantly. A wide range of options faces the homebuilder when making flooring choices, and these choices represent a substantial financial investment.

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Flooring obviously receives a great deal of wear and tear, and durability is of utmost importance. Patterns of wear, aesthetic preference, and type of construction may all dictate that a home has more than one type of flooring, so the decision-making process may include multiple choices, each of which suits a particular need in a particular part of the home.

Planks with a tongue-and-groove profile are interlocked and either fastened to subfloor or allowed to “float.” Plank widths vary from 1^-6 inches (40-150mm) for solid wood to as wide as 12 inches (300mm) for engineered flooring.

A surface finish is added to most plank floors to increase durability. Finishes will have a major impact on indoor environment quality, and must be assessed separately from the characteristics of the flooring material.

Tiles are set into a bed of adhesive or mortar on the subfloor (or wall) in a chosen pattern. Once set in the adhesive, the gaps between the tiles are filled with grout to the desired level.

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