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Feng Shui Home Design Cures for the Bathroom

The bathroom is considered to possess the most negative energy in Feng Shui Home Design experts but there are few things that you can do to cure it.

• The bathroom’s design and location are critical because bathrooms leak energy and can easily absorb weak vibrations. The perfect cure is to create a spa-like design for your bathroom The idea is to create a positive energy flow.

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• The water element symbolizes relaxation, purification, and cleansing, if you combine them the appropriate Feng Shui Home Design elements and items you can create a soothing experience every time you use the bathroom For instance, the addition of an element of fire (candles) helps purify the negative chi in the bathroom; the use of wood elements helps to absorb excessive water energy; the metal element can enhance the freshness of the area; and the use of earth element brings about sensual relaxation and nourishment.

• If you have space to hang images, use visuals that will bring good energy.

• Mirrors in the bathroom help enhance the water element so that good chi flows smoothly.

• Place an essential oil diffuser in the bathroom Aromatherapy helps calm your senses; but make sure that the bathroom has proper ventilation system when you use a diffuser.

• Appropriate lighting also adds to the mood.

• If you can listen to relaxing music when you use the bathroom, it will be a great spa experience.

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