10 Best Cottage Style Home Decorating Ideas

The East and West Kua Numbers.

There are two groups of kua numbers, the East and the West. There are favorable and unfavorable directions for each group. If you find your kua number in the East group, your kitchen should be placed in the opposite direction. Feng Shui Home Design experts consider these directions as inauspicious and the right positioning of the kitchen should neutralize the negative energy.

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These are two charts depicting the kua number for each group. There is a specific location for your kua number, but you can also use the locations that fall in the same group, it will still be a good kitchen location.

East Group.

Kua Number Kitchen Location.

1 Southwest.

3 West.

4 Northeast.

9 Northwest.

West Group.

Kua Number Kitchen Location.

2 North.

5 Female Southeast.

5 Male North.

6 South.

7 East.

8 Southeast.

Key Points to Consider.

There are many elements of Feng Shui Home Design that you need to consider for your kitchen layout. The placement of all the items in your kitchen should follow basic Feng Shui Home Design principles. Experts say that you have to be concerned more on where to put your kitchen appliances instead of where the direction the kitchen faces because if the appliances are not correctiy positioned, it can result to unpleasant negative energy and inauspicious elements.

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