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Applying Feng Shui Home Design Principles to the Living Room Area

People use Feng Shui Home Design principles to design their homes to achieve a balanced and relaxing home. This section gives you tips that will help you design and create a relaxing, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasant living room area.

General Decorating Tips

• According to experts, when you are planning the layout and design of the living room, make sure that the seating area is positioned in a way that you will have a good view of the entrance to the room

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• The seating area should be as comfortable as possible. This is where family members gather to relax, watch TY or just spend time after a family dinner. It has to be comfortably warm and well-lit.

• Feng Shui Home Design experts identified the center of the living room area as the good luck zone. To attract positive chi and good fortune, the living room should have an open space in the center because it is a “home for wealth”.

• The center of the living room should not have furniture pieces or decorative items that will obstruct the smooth flow of positive chi. The energy should be free flowing, if there are obstructions then the energy will stagnate and could eventually create negative chi. If you have a smaller area and this cannot be avoided, use a couch and table with rounded corners to counter the bad flow of energy.

• With regards to the decor, you can hang a mirror on the wall. This will create more depth and help facilitate the continuous flow of energy.

• The addition of green indoor plants and fresh flower arrangements will help create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Create a calming feel by installing soft lighting. The green plants and soft lighting create positive chi. Large windows that can be opened up during the day also help create an airy feel and allow natural air to enter the house.

• Ideally, sofas and armchairs should be positioned against the wall to create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere.

• It is best to get sofas and chairs that have a simple, yet elegant design.

• If you don’t have a separate entertainment or family room, you can set up the television set at the corner of the room

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