10 Best Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas

Feng Shui Home Design Cures if You Have a Bathroom above the Front Door

When you transfer to a new or existing house, there is a possibility that it has a bathroom positioned above the main entryway. This can create negative Feng Shui Home Design energy. There is no point in stressing over the possibility of bad energy; you need to be concerned on how you can take care of the good Feng Shui Home Design that will come in through your main door.

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Here are helpful tips to create positive chi:

• Remember the basics of Feng Shui Home Design: the entry way should always be clean and clutter free.

• There should be a well-defined separation between the bathroom above and the main door below by focusing on the flooring of the bathroom You can use deep color flooring or add a good quality rug.

• Strengthen good Feng Shui Home Design. Keep the door closed all the time.

• If you can install a crystal chandelier by the main door, do so, because this will create strong energy and further strengthen the separation of the two spaces in question – main door below and bathroom above.

• You can help strengthen the main entryway by visually heightening the space in order to push the good energy up, all the way to the bathroom above. You can install wallpaper with vertical stripes, add tall lamps, or hang a tall mirror.

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