10 Best Art And Craft Ideas For Home Decor

Design Tips for the Dining Room to Generate Wealth and Good Health

• Location/Position – The ideal locations are east, west, southeast, and northwest of the center of your house. Refrain from positioning the dining room to the northeast part. If the dining area is enclosed in a room, it is ideal to have to doors that facilitate the free flow of energy, but the doors will have to be directiy in line with each other rather than placed on opposite walls. The area should be calm and peaceful. It shouldn’t be near the front door. Should your dining area be near the front door, add a divider or even a curtain that will somewhat “obstruct” the view of the door from the dining area.

• Color – Natural and earthy colors are recommended for the walls, tiles, upholstery, and other accessories. Find the colors that will go well with peach, yellow, beige, green, sky blue, or off white.

• Decor – You can add curtains or carpet to get a tranquil feel in the room, these also absorb the sound so you can spend a peaceful meal with your family. Keep in mind to use store utensils and china from time to time because it is bad Feng Shui Home Design to just store them and not to use them for a long period of time. Use a tablecloth instead of individual placemats because it fosters a tighter bond between the family members. Get table linens in blue if the dining area is located in the north or green if it is in the east.

• Wall decor – Images and paintings add beauty to the area. Hang images of landscapes or framed artworks, but avoid hanging old photos.

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• Enclosed space – Ideally, there should be four walls that surround the dining table for this will create a secure and more relaxed dining experience. However, ensure that you have enough elbowroom because a cramped area can create a feeling of pressure. Do not put too many furniture in the dining area.

• Lighting – When you have the correct lighting, you ensure a gentie flow of energy. There should be a lighting fixture that is centered over the table, a crystal chandelier can work to keep a well-balanced chi. Add a dimmer switch so that you can adjust the lighting if you want a romantic dinner with your spouse. You should also allow natural light inside during the day.

• Choice of dining table and chairs – Since this is the focal point of the area, choose either round, octagonal, or oval shaped table. Avoid getting sharp-angled furnishings for the dining area. If you have an existing square or rectangle table, you can soften the corners to minimize the negative chi. Pinewood is a good furniture material. Choose chairs that are comfortable.

• Mirrors – Hang a mirror on the wall or sideboard to enhance the healthy chi energy. The mirror should reflect something attractive.

• Aquarium – If the dining area can still accommodate even a small aquarium, get one. However, refrain from placing it at the southern part of the kitchen.

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