10 Best 1St Birthday Decoration Ideas At Home

What to Consider When Arranging Furniture Pieces

• You should always begin with the biggest piece of furniture, which is the couch. As briefly mentioned above, the main sofa should be placed against a solid wall, if not, there will be an absence of support in your life. You can position the smaller sofas against the wall with a window.

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• The placement of the sofas should allow you to see the main door. Feng Shui Home Design states that if your back is facing the door when seating on the sofa, you are literally turning your back from opportunities and blessings that you will be coming to you. If the layout of your living room wouldn’t allow this, you can hang a mirror so that it reflects the door. But it is important that you cannot see your reflection when you are sitting on the sofa because the opportunities will only bounce out.

• Do not position the seating area under a beam because it will cause sickness and financial woes. If the beams are inevitable, cover the beam with a “false ceiling” and install a lighting fixture.

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