10 Bedroom Wall Paint Design Ideas

Many interior stone veneer uses such as wall facings, stair treads, thresholds, window stools, countertops, and lavatory will be listed in CSI Division 09-450. Flooring use will be listed in CSI Division 09-700. Partitions will be in CSI Division 10-180.

More information may be found in the individual trade organizations for each type of stone with its own recommendations for specifications. For example, granite specifications are found at the National Building Granite Quarries Association website, www.nbgqa.com. Granite shall comply with ASTM C 615 for material characteristics, physical requirements, and sampling for selection of granite. Manufactured stone is represented by the Cast Stone Institute. The standard specifications for cast stone is CSI section 047200-04, available at www.caststone. org/specifications.htm. Here are notes you may want to include with specifications:

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Natural stones are absorbent, making them susceptible to stains and mold. Some applications may be sealed, in which case they will need to be resealed every 3 to 5 years.

When using natural stone, it is very important that you choose the actual piece(s) of stone you want, especially for slabs. Looking at just a small sample of material will not give you the entire look of the stone. Not only will color, tone, and amount of vein-ing vary from piece to piece, but there are many other qualities of natural stone that will vary

Edge profiles shall be consistent throughout the installed piece, and smooth along the entire length. Edges are to be finished to the same type and quality of surface as the top.

Stone materials are to be crated or otherwise protected for transport to the project site.

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