10 Arts And Crafts Home Decor Ideas

Even though Skyline was built in the 1800s, we didn’t necessarily want to make it a High Victorian cottage. We decided to take a somewhat Spanish approach to the design to pay homage to the town of Springville, Utah, where the home is located. Springville has a number of Spanish Revival homes and we liked giving a little bit of that look to Skyline.

We often remove the plaster ceiling from a vault to expose the underlying 2 x 4 beams, then insulate and drywall up into the roof vault. We don’t clean them up too much; they become a great focal point for a room mixing old with new.

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Embracing and accentuating the natural and underlying building materials is part of our renovation style. Victorians would probably think we were crazy for exposing beams in this way, but it is a testament to the amazing structure that historic buildings have. We love being able to see the rough edges in a home along with the polished.

It’s exciting to see the families we sell these houses to make them their own. The Squire family cherish their home; they fill it with love and happiness every day.

That is a large part of why we do what we do. We want people to enjoy these homes again. We want new memories to be made and remembered here. Preserving this history is a great responsibility that we are all too happy to take onperfectly centered between two windows. It was covered in a 1970s tile surround and looked horrible, but we were excited for the challenge of making it look its best again.

We had been searching, like always, for a new project to take on when we came across the most amazing, nearly intact 1800s home. We put an offer in; it was accepted and then later rejected by the bank. They said they wanted a buyer that was planning on living there, not “an investor. ” We were heartbroken and worried about who would buy it who would love it as much as we did.

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