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10 Very Small Garden Design Ideas

Had the projects been of generally high quality, the damage would at least have been minimized. However, the report criticized most of the buildings as poorly thought out or improperly realized. Of the four building types that were built, projects C and D were

10 Patio Gardens Design Ideas

Several participants pointed to problems inherent to the country’s property system. Land within the city limits had been nationalized, meaning that it was at the disposal of the state. Until it expropriated the buildings on the site from their former owners, however, it could

10 Small Living Room Designs Ideas

This study demonstrates that, in this case, modernist functionalist planning was not abandoned because it produced “inhumane” or “unlivable” neighborhoods, an interpretation that gained currency among scholars and practitioners in the late 1960s and 1970s and has never been seriously challenged, but because it

10 Room Design Ideas For Living Rooms

When these homes were built, the attics were not generally finished. They were where the boys slept, and attic rooms weren’t meant to be seen. Now we want to use every inch of space available, so making good use of the attic is a

10 Country Homes Decorating Ideas

The strategies pursued by actors below (rogue builders) and the response by actors above (the party leadership) posed a serious challenge to urban plan-ners. The latter espoused a view of socialism, and of town planning’s place in state socialism, that emphasized collectivist solutions and

10 Welcome Home Decoration Ideas

One of the consequences of this innovation was that construction companies began to market their buildings to inhabitants. A catalog for a building in block 3 provided a map of New Belgrade and of the block, an illustration of the building, a description of

10 Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Under Bordevic’s leadership, New Belgrade became a symbol of Yugoslavia’s modernity. It demonstrated to the denizens of Belgrade, to Yugoslavs, and to the rest of the world the modern lifestyle that, over time, would become the norm for most of the country’s citizens. It

10 Home & Decor Ideas

We love original tile and the patina that it can develop. Almost all old tile can be brought back to life with some good scrubbing and buffing. Candis grew up near this home and always admired it. It belonged to Max and Ruby, two

10 Purple Living Room Design Ideas

While these satellite settlements conformed to the Athens Charter aesthetic, they were in fact a new animal. The Athens Charter was premised on a transformation of existing cities, or the creation of independent new cities, and aimed to limit urban sprawl by building upward;

10 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Home Design 2.20. Perspective of main transversal houlevard in New Belgrade. Note the similarity hetween the perspective adopted here and the one ahove, taken from the Radiant City. In hoth cases, the viewer’s gaze is directed down a hroad axis toward the horizon. While