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10 Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

Example of Kitchen Cabinets Made to Fit an Existing Space One wall in this kitchen wall was 132 inches long. The existing 36-inch refrigerator needed to go at one end of the wall, taking up 38 inches. The other end of the wall needed

10 Backyard Kitchen Design Ideas

Case STUDY of Wood and Wood Products A client having a new house built wanted to create an “elegant and impressive library.” The designer was also the builder in this project. Steve Spanjer of Spanjer Homes in Fort Collins, Colorado, has over 30 years’

10 Bedrooms Design Ideas

European construction techniques were brought to America from the 1500s to the 1800s. Most buildings were less palatial in America, using local materials, including limestone and granite that were abundant in northern and midwestern areas of the country. When stone was available, it was

10 Best Spring Decorating Ideas For The Home

There are four kinds of home ventilation: Exhaust only — Extraction fans, typically in bathrooms and kitchen, are used to expel stale, humid air. This depressurizes the building, and make-up air is drawn through the building enclosure via leaks. This approach greatly increases the

10 Best Purple Kitchens Design Ideas

Distributed generation helps to reduce the high production and transmission losses associated with centralized power plants by reducing the distance from point of production to point of use, and creates a more resilient grid less susceptible to massive outages when a large power plant

10 Kitchen Floor Design Ideas

Byzantine decoration became more elaborate and changed the shape of arches. In arches, stone was often alternated with brick, giving a red and white striped effect called voussoir, referring to the wedge-shape pieces forming the arch. Mesopotamia adopted the Islamic religion after 622 c.e.,

10 Designer Bathroom Ideas

Decorative concrete masonry units that are most often used on the exterior of the building may be carried into the interior. These units are meant to be exposed. The designer should work with the architect to select a color to coordinate with the interior

Small Log Cabin Houses

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT-ON TV Tom and Sue began researching the log-home industry and talking to different builders. Then one night, Tom was channel surfing when tog-style barstools. chiseled-edge granite countertops, and a copper farm sink give touches of rustic elegance to the kitchen.

10 Best Diy Home Decor Project Ideas

Bedroom Walls The colors of the bedroom walls should be restful and calming. Soft colors, like peach or cream is a good choice. Soft yellow could also work. You can hang art pieces, but make sure the images are not distracting. Use nature images

10 Best Modern Home Decor Ideas

Where to Position the Bed The bed should be the focal point of the room If the layout of the bedroom is preventing you from incorporating Feng Shui Home Design principles, you can follow a few corrective remedies, of which, the position of the