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House Remodeling Ideas

House Remodeling Ideas Sympathetic decoration In this old Norfolk farmhouse the owners eschewed the predictable white walls in favour of bright parsley green. The object above the door is not a medieval musical instrument, but a Provenqal prune-dryer – essential for every authentic country

Best Living Room Decoration

Best Living Room Decoration The Country Spirit? A look of the country is one that makes you feel good; that promises welcome and absolves you from unnecessary worries. Everyone, even the most confirmed urban sophisticate, has a bit of the country within – a

Decor Pictures For Living Rooms

Decor Pictures For Living Rooms Joints between Sheets of Boarding Another point to be noted is the treatment of the joints between the various sheets of boarding. It is, in practice, not possible to make perfectly smooth and permanent joints between the boards, and

Best Living Room Design

Best Living Room Design As it happens, Hobbs lent a hand as well. A former winemaker for Robert Mondavi, Hobbs has roots in Malbec that run decades deep. He first turned his mind to it in the late 1980s, when he traveled to Argentina

Decor For Living Rooms

Decor For Living Rooms Dealing with the Wood Fillets The wood fillets which are an integral part of the decorative scheme may be treated either like the rest of the work or they may be done in a distinctive colour, this latter being the

Pictures Living Room

Pictures Living Room Stencil Ornamentation Generally, the breaking up of the surface of a wall-boarded room by its fillets, particularly if these are coloured differently to the rest of the work, is considered sufficient ornamentation, but occasionally further variety is given by the judicious

Pictures For The Living Room

Pictures For The Living Room How the Patterns are Produced One or two instances may be given. Square or angular patterns may be produced by dragging the surface with a sponge or brush, manipulating it with a painter’s scraper, or stippling it with a

Decorate Small Living Room Ideas

Decorate Small Living Room Ideas WALL BOARDS Turning our attention first to the wall boards, of which there are many varieties, we need not concern ourselves here with the details of their assembly or construction into ceilings and walls. Although wall boards vary considerably

Bedroom Design Tips

Bedroom Design Tips Prefer to test your sea legs with a more gentle cruise? Rent a catamaran with crew for a day-long or half-day tour. Our captain, Miguel of St. Barth Sailor, anchored in the bay near Colombier, where we swam to the beach

Pictures Of Living Room Decorating Ideas

Pictures Of Living Room Decorating Ideas Decoration in Pastel Shades If a scheme of decoration in delicate pastel shades is being carried out, variety and interest can be imparted by finishing the whole of surfaces, both wall boards and fillets, with one colour of