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Attitudes toward family housing had also started to change as urban plan-ners began to seriously research the feasibility of this housing form in socialist Yugoslavia. In 1967, the renamed Federal Institute for Urbanism and Commu-nal and Housing Questions (Savezni zavod za urbanizam i komunalne

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The study also revealed that rogue construction did not have the same characteristics everywhere in the city but varied according to district. Certain central districts, such as the central districts of Vracar, Savski Venac, and Stari Grad, had fewer than 350 cases, with all

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We can focus on one of the two blocks, insofar as the urban planning concepts were quite similar in both. The town planners decided that block 23 would contain apartment buildings of four, ten, and sixteen stories. The range of building heights was intended

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Especially evocative of the past is the Xystus complex (pp. 270-1) at the eastern end of Inter-Junction City, in which subtle veils of translucent polycarbonate have been used to give a reassuring modesty and shelter to residential thresholds, while infusing the entire street with

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Conference participants also criticized the plan to divert rogue construc-tion to single-family homes, which had been touted as an affordable solution, for being ill thought out from a financial perspective. In Belgrade, by 1967, the cost of preparing a parcel of land for the

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Another study published two years later by the SZKSP, entitled Stanova u zgradama visokog spratnosti, went much farther in its criticism, issuing an out-right condemnation of apartment towers. The towers were objectionable for a variety of reasons. The authors argued that they were an

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Netherlands. This headquarters for the country’s largest insurance company, the kind of building usually reduced to an intolerant machine aimed at maximizing productivity and projecting a slick corporate image, is instead endowed at every point with human volition for its thousand workers. The building’s

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In encouraging the purchase of housing with the help of credit, federal and municipal policy makers evidently hoped that, in sparking competition among construction companies, the market sector would push down the price of new housing. These initial small-scale reforms were in fact followed

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Louis I. Kahn, Salk Institute Laboratory Buildings (1965), California, ground-floor plan of central court and loggia, lower terrace and fountain at left Salk Institute Laboratory Buildings, lower terrace with fountain and seating, and view to south wing of scientists’ studies Salk Institute Laboratory Buildings,

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However, the hoped-for rubber stamp was not to be, and Petricic’s plan set off a lively debate about New Belgrade’s role in the city and the federation. Lead-ing the assault on Petricic’s plan was Nikola Dobrovic, former director of the Town Planning Institute, author