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10 Front Garden Driveway Design Ideas

Home Design 2.13. Diagram displaying planned expansion of the city of Belgrade. The dark surface represents the old city, and the light surface represents the expansion. From Oliver Minic, ed., Beograd: Generalni urbanisticki plan 1950 (Belgrade: Izvrsni odbor Narodnog odbora Beograda, 1951). The most

10 Courtyard Garden Designs Ideas

The Municipal Council perceived the provision of plots for self-built family housing as one element of a two-pronged approach. The other element was the strengthening of the prosecution of rogue builders. These two approaches may seem to be contradictory, or they may alternatively be

10 Gardening Design Ideas

Over the next few days, as the details of the attacks emerged, I guess I was so shocked that I was unable to wrap my mind around the enormity of the disaster. While I felt empathy for those who had died, and for their

10 Small Garden Design Ideas On A Budget

Reconceiving the causal fabric of decorating means, argues Ryoji Suzuki, ‘an understanding of decorating not as a kind of solid entity capable of guiding disparate elements towards a synthesis, but of grasping it as a kind of centre of power, where various energies are

10 Welcome Home Baby Decoration Ideas

While the business center stood at the apex of the Radiant City, reflecting Le Corbusier’s faith in capitalism at the time of its design, in New Belgrade this place would be occupied by the government of the federation. The two rows of blocks north

10 Modern Garden Design Ideas Uk

The irony of the situation is that the primary vehicle of this social inequality was consumption—the very activity that the state had chosen as a tool for re-warding workers and stimulating the economy. As Ivan Szelenyi argued in 1981 regarding the Hungarian case, housing

10 Arts And Crafts Home Decor Ideas

Even though Skyline was built in the 1800s, we didn’t necessarily want to make it a High Victorian cottage. We decided to take a somewhat Spanish approach to the design to pay homage to the town of Springville, Utah, where the home is located.

10 Small Walled Garden Design Ideas

The state had used consumption as a way to motivate people to be better workers, but there were limits on what the population would accept. It was obvious to the average Yugoslav that such apartments were not within his or her grasp. That the

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Town planners contended with a number of problems that were systemic to socialist states. Any illusions they might have had about the scarcity of re-sources that accompanied the first postwar years were eventually dispelled as a serious housing shortage persisted into the golden years

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The end of the war had inaugurated an era of austerity, first due to the need to rebuild the shattered city and then as a consequence of the first five-year plan. Following the Tito-Stalin split in 1948, Yugoslavia’s economic situation be-came even direr. The