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Outdoor Designs For Small Spaces

Outdoor Designs For Small Spaces Tables for all occasions Elsewhere, tables need not be so stolidly practical. Wicker tables, old or new, are woven in a variety of traditional local styles and sit happily in conservatories and bathrooms. In a sitting-room or bedroom, tables

Lighting Ideas Home Office

Lighting Ideas Home Office Table Talk Ttie ideal country kitchen or dining table is solidly built, with heavy, curvaceous legs, and large enough to accommodate children’s stacked homework at one end, newspapers at the other, and tea for seven in the middle. Traditionally, these

Furniture Ideas Large Rooms

Furniture Ideas Large Rooms Functional cupboards for the kitchen Curious utilitarian cupboard” of the past can have a benign presence in contemporary kitchens. There is the bacon cupboard, whose tall, shallow shelves once stored flitches of bacon. Or dough bins, New England pine bucket

Bedroom Design And Color Ideas

Bedroom Design And Color Ideas WALL CUPBOARD with a single-plank door Authentic finishing touches This is a comely variant on peasant furniture: keep the fittings simple -toggle-closures and knob handles. Plank furniture is simple to make. The planks down the sides hold everything else

Furniture Ideas For Enclosed Porch

Furniture Ideas For Enclosed Porch Finishing Details These unpretentious furniture fitments are the punctuation marks that make the eye stop and register period, character and authenticity. The wrong drawer pull or door handle draws attention to itself, and replacing inappropriate or broken fitments with

Interior Decorating English Tudor Style

Interior Decorating English Tudor Style The versatility of chests Chests can be as humble or as grand as you like; they can be immaculately padded and clad in tapestry, festooned with a fringe, and call themselves ottomans (177); or they can be elaborate examples

Modern Home Design Accessories

Modern Home Design Accessories Rocking Chairs The earliest rockers were simply chairs -usually unrelaxing ladder-backs – with bends attached to the feet. The early nineteenth-century Boston rocker was the first to allow the revolutionary new notion of comfort to influence the design – it

Choosing Dining Furniture

Unique Vintage Decorating Ideas Choosing Dining Furniture Dining chairs One of the country decorator’s first rules is that dining chairs do not have to match. Their essential prerequisite is comfort – eschew any chair with a seat that is going to cut off your

Pictures Of Living Room Decor

Pictures Of Living Room Decor Windsor Chairs Windsor chairs are identified by having legs that are separated from the back and arms by a saddle seat. The earliest Windsors date back to the eighteenth century, soon becoming popular throughout Britain and America. In England

Decorative Techniques

Decorative Techniques 3nce you have A base of colour on the wall – whether the Finish has the translucency of colourwashing or perhaps a textured effect – you can highlight areas of a room with decorative finishes. Before the advent of modern plasters and